Hi there, welcome to the most simple, straightforward NFT Drop Calendar and tracker online. We created this site to be a utility to the community who have become NFT Artists, NFTCollectors, NFT Investors, and Fans.  

By design, we left things very clean, basic, and easy to navigate. We are working hard to keep things fast, distraction-free and laser-focused. You can help us achieve our mission by sharing events, telling your friends, artists, and communities about us. 

We hope this tool will bring you value and answer the question: What NFTs Drop This Week. and more…


Use the calendar(s) below to browse our curated lists of NFT drops by date. We have broken it down into multiple views so you can get a look at short-term and longer-term views of what’s dropping and when. 

You can use the search function if you are looking for something specific (i.e. blockchain, marketplace) and we will keep adding more filters as we grow and gather more data on NFT Drops.

Minting NFTs

We’ve all been there before. Don’t let this be you. Use our calendar to find all the upcoming mints. We will even let you know if you can get whitelisted for certain mints and other helpful information to help you succeed. 


The featured NFT Drop section is a mix of curated drops that we find interesting and also drops that the artist or project owner has paid to feature in this section. 


Overview of the upcoming NFT Drops. You can sort and search here or browse through by date.

january, 2022


This site was created simply because we saw a need and we filled it. Many of our friends and people on places like twitter, reddit and clubhouse are always asking about the best way to find when NFT drops happen. There are other sites out there with a similar goal and information but they are slow, clunky, bloated with banners, popups and useless distractors. We knew we could do better, so we did. 

This site is a work in progress and we are always open to feedback for improvement. You can help us out by spreading the word about us, liking, following and sharing on your favorite social media platforms and places like Product Hunt

NFTs Dropping This Week

  • Live Updates

    We are constantly working on ways to get you the latest drops in the fastest way possible. We are working on features like Wishlists, Push Notifications, Email Reminders, QR Codes and more. Coming Soon!

  • Notifications

    Sign up for push notifcations and email reminders. Don't worry, this project was founded by a marketer. We hate spam as much as you do and we will not abuse the push notification feature to push you ads or irrelevant information. Give it a try, you can always unsubscribe if you dont like the way it works.

  • Artist and Creator Discovery

    Aside from being able to help you ape into the next crazy NFT Drop, finding a new PFP project or find the next floor on a fast track to the moon, we hope to be an asset that will connect Artists and Creators to those who appreciate digital art for generations to come.



Nope! We are committed to helping you connect with the artists, project owners and game developers across multiple blockchains. We will make it clear on the listings what chain a project is on and help you even filter down by blockchain if you so choose. Happy Minting! 

Sure! In fact one of our ideas is to use our OpenSea profile as a gallery of sorts. We will keep the NFTs you send us on display there, if we receive  more than one from the same project we will most likley use those for promotions and contests. 

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Yes! by design we wanted to keep the user experience clean and not littered with ads. We are testing out keeping it free of display ads for now. It will always be free for our end users. We are committed to helping curate quality projects.

To help with up keep, maintenance, and a quality user experience we charge a small fee to the artists or project owners to list their projects on the calendar.  In the future we might split test with a few sponsored ads or banner placements but it is our vision to always keep it free of charge for NFT Collectors

We made the decision to charge a fee because it creates a better experience for users and builds a level of trust with the project owners. With the barrier to entry being so low on free submission sites, they end up spammed to death or just shilling complete garbage. 

We are keeping the fee low. It’s only $39 for a basic submission. Nothing crazy, and just enough to let us know you are serious about your project and you want eyes on.

Let’s face it if you are too cheap to pay a small listing fee to get quality targeted eyes on your NFT Drop what does it say about your project and marketing manager? 

Stay Tuned! We are currently working on a special way to display Featured NFT Drops

Of course you can, in fact we made a decision to not accept any other forms of payment in the spirit of crypto. 

We currently accept Bitcoin, Ethereum, Doge and USDC. 



🎨  Artist? 🖼  Project Manager? 🗓 Submit your upcoming NFT Drop to the calendar today! ⏳ Collectors and Investors are standing by…


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The NFTs that are airdropped or gifted to us will stay here on display for your viewing pleasure.

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Here are some brief overviews of tools and resources to help you navigate the blockchain sea of NFTs.

  • Rarity.tools
  • CryptoSlam
  • Nansen
  • TokenBird
  • WGMI

Rarity.tools is a great tool to research. 

CryptoSlam does a great job of aggregating the sales data of NFTs. If you are wanting to check the volume, amount of holder, transactions etc. CryptoSlam is a great way to do it.

TokenBird is a floor tracker for NFTs on OpenSea. 

WGMI stands for We’re Gonna Make It!

Data auto-refreshes every 15 minutes. Previous floor and % Change are based on the last time your data refreshed.
  • NFT Stats
  • NFT Mastery
  • CheckMyNFT

With NFT Stats you can get the latest insights about which NFTs are selling and which are not. Get informed before your next big NFT purchase, or find out which are the latest record NFT sales.

NFT Mastery is a course on How to Buy, Sell and Day Trade NFTs

CheckMyNFT is a great tool to check on your NFT.


As of April 12, 2021, NFT sales recorded during the previous 30 days generated an aggregated value of nearly 64 million U.S. dollars. As of September 15, 2021, the aggregated sales value over 30 days rose significantly, amounting to roughly 774 million U.S. dollars.


Launched in March 2021, by Mark Cuban Lazy.com is a digital art gallery designed to showcase NFTs as traditional art galleries work. “People bought NFTs, they created them, they need a lazy way to show them off,” Cuban told The Block. “There really was not an easy way to do it before Lazy.com.”  



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